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Welcome to MyNNMC

Your User ID is your Eagle ID (ex:000011111) and the PIN will be your birthdate (ex: 090172).

Close your browser to protect access to your records.

If you have forgotten your PIN and/or have been denied access, re-enter your Eagle Id and leave the PIN block empty, then click on "Forgot PIN" to answer your security question. When you correctly answer the question, you will be permitted to create a new PIN. PIN numbers will not be reset over the phone. You may come to the Registrar's Office in person (photo ID REQUIRED) or send an email to registrar@nnmc.edu stating what you need, providing your name, Eagle ID, and last five digits of your Eagle ID or last 4 digits of your SSN.

If you are attempting to access the secure portion of our webpage and have difficulty getting past step one, the problem may very well be because you are using a firewalled local area network (LAN). If this happens, check with the IT manager of your LAN or attempt accessing our site from a non-firewalled-LAN.

View your Official Eagle Email Address--click on Personal Information on the Main Menu then View Email Address.

Tuition and fees due by: Fall: August 11, 2017.

Payment Plans available starting: Fall: July 31, 2017


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